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New Homes for Sale in Long Beach CA

New Homes for Sale in Long Beach CA

Wondering what you should know before hunting for a new home? You are not alone. Moving into a newly-built home is an exciting experience. There are no nasty smells from whatever food the previous owner was cooking, no dinged-up baseboards., no greasy range walls and hood; everything is pristine and new.

However, the process of purchasing a new construction home in Long Beach CA is very different from when you purchase a previously owned house. Today, we share a few things to keep in mind when considering new homes for sale in Long Beach CA.

The homes may not be listed in your local MLS

Homebuilders are unlike regular home seller who lists their home for sale with their local real estate agents. What this means for a buyer is that the home builder may not be a member of the local multiple listing service. And as a result, the homes may not be listed in your agent’s search. 

The homebuilder may be more willing to advertise with billboards, online, or in the paper. So, if you are interested in new houses for sale in Long Beach CA, work with a reputable real estate like Jamie Saltman to make sure you have identified all the possibilities.

New homes are usually sold before they’re built 

Homebuilders usually get financing lined up – this means they will more likely try to sell as many houses as possible, even before they are built. They usually achieve this by building out a model house and allow potential buyers to review the plans, finishes, and fixtures while the houses are under construction.

However, homebuilders need to get through some form of approvals process before signing contracts. Are you ready to move forward with your hunt for a new home? Contact us at Jamie Saltman to help you get the new home of your dreams.

Builders don’t have an emotional attachment to the home 

A standard home seller has lived in the home up for sale for several years, so when it’s time to sell, they may have a personal or emotional attachment, and this can lead to uncertainties during the home buying process. And as a consequence, the home seller may unconsciously put a high price on his or her home because he or she is not emotionally ready to detach from it.   

With home builders, it's all about the number. They are more focused on databases than emotion. For instance, they want to ensure you are qualified and can get the loan needed. 

You need to use experienced real estate agents 

We have seen several people leave money on the table simply because they don’t have the experience and can’t negotiate a new home purchase. Even if home buyers feel like they are negotiating, the conditions and final terms might not match what they can truly get. So, this makes it very important to have an experienced real estate agent like Jamie Saltman in your corner.

Search for your new home with Jamie Saltman

With exclusive access to new homes in Long Beach Ca, Jamie Saltman ensures you are the first to know about new homes for sale that matches your need. Our experts will help you make the right decision when it comes to purchasing new homes. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.


New Homes for Sale in Long Beach CA

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New Homes for Sale in Long Beach CA

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