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Ontario farm loans

Why More Investors Are Turning to Ontario Farm Loans For Diversity:

If your financial advisor has recommended diversifying for higher security in your investments and better gains, you may be looking around for a new opportunity to invest in. Agriculture investments have long been a sector where safe gains can be counted on. Farm Lender offers a unique opportunity to become invested in one of Canada’s largest and most lucrative industries. If you’d like to learn more about our investment strategies and the benefits that come from partnering with us, feel free to reach out to one of our agents.

Seeding your portfolio with agriculture investments is a great way to diversify. We make it possible to invest in both first and second mortgages, each paying a very fair return on your loan- and we do a lot more than just manage your investment for you; At Farm Lender, we place more control over the loan in your hands, so you can be a part of the decision-making strategy that will impact your ROI.

Private agricultural mortgages are an advantageous complement to stocks, futures, and ETFs; in fact, many financial advisors are specifically recommending that their clients seek out investments in mortgages because of the relatively quick and safe return they’re associated with. Best of all, your investment in local real estate is secured by the real estate itself, making it much more comfortable for investors to make the decision to lend money.

Risk is further minimized through a maximum loan of 65% on the value of farm property for the first mortgage and 75% of the value for second mortgages. The slightly higher risk for second mortgages is offset by a higher rate of return on the loan. Private Ontario farm loans serve to fill the gap that exists from traditional lenders who are not willing to fill, whether because of a borrower’s unique situation or non-traditional income source. Borrowers who do not meet the criteria set by banks and credit unions are not necessarily high risk clients. We’ll help you make the determination while we assess their application for a loan.

When you make the decision to partner with us in an investment opportunity, we’ll provide you with the borrower’s application details, credit report, financial assessment, and the appraisal of the property you’ll be lending on. We’ll be there at every step of the way to ensure you make the right call on lending. Should you decide to move forward with a loan, you’ll be free to choose your own lawyer or one recommended by us to finalize the terms.

Today’s agriculture sector is highly investor-friendly, with more and more opportunities opening up every year. Our agents will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide additional information on Ontario farm loans when you call our office at 888-393-8686. You can also click our ‘Investors’ link located on our website’s menu for more information on this investment diversification opportunity.

Ontario farm loans