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Phoenix Wholesale Properties

Phoenix Wholesale Properties

Phoenix wholesale properties connect sellers of off-market and distressed properties with home buyers quickly. AZ Flip helps both sides of a sale get the most from their investment.

Real Estate Market in Phoenix 2023

The real estate market is changing. Prices in the third quarter of 2022 dropped $20,000. With a median home price of $440,000, this is still quite high.

Most analysts do not call for a major home price drop in 2023, despite rising mortgage rates and a looming recession. Instead, experts call for an increase of 2.5 to 3 percent. This is largely driven by a booming Arizona economy and population centered around the city.

Complicating Factors

While most analysts call for a price increase, many are not factoring in how the Federal Reserve continues to impact markets. Mortgage rates are on the rise and even the job market is cooling slightly.

The average mortgage topped 7 percent in October of 2022. Unemployment remains around 3.5 percent but the number of people finding new jobs shrank to 120,000.

Selling and Buying Homes Quickly

You may feel the pressure to buy or sell a home before the market takes a turn. Volatility is complicated.

Home wholesalers help buyers and sellers by:

  • Giving buyers technology to buy quickly
  • Giving sellers access to a large cadre of vetted buyers, off market
  • Helping complete sales quickly despite rising time on market¬†
  • Creating options for distressed properties and unwanted estates

There are many reasons to capitalize on the market quickly. AZ Flip helps complete deals without a hassle.

What is a Real Estate Wholesaler?

We accomplish this task by acting as a wholesaler. We never purchase a home, connecting with sellers and gaining the ability to sell a home before it hits the market. This hassle free process is ideal.

Buyers then get in touch with our team and request a list of properties. We provide access to an application that sends notifications when a home meets their needs. Our buyers want to purchase and are not simply browsing.

Properties for Sale

Wholesalers do not just offer homes that require work. We also sell move-in ready properties. Homeowners or the relatives of deceased former homeowners have a number of reasons to want to complete a sale quickly.

Our application and website are filled with proof of our ability to move properties quickly. Many come with a significant discount, agreed upon by the seller and a return on investment.

Fix and Flip Loans

Even with the volatility, AZ Flip can make flipping a home easy. While we perform no renovations, we do offer loans to those that qualify.

Get the home you want for a low down payment. Get the financing you need to make repairs.

Buying Phoenix Wholesale Properties 

Wholesale property sellers know how to complete sales quickly. Anyone looking to build a real estate portfolio or to sell easily benefits from our services.

With an application and homes ready to sell, we can help buyers and sellers alike. Our seamless process creates ideal matches. Get in touch with our team or visit our website to find out more.